Karlo Henry is an artist living in Northern California

One of my favorite things is when people make stuff.

By the mere act of creation, we bring into reality something that used to live only inside of us. I think everyone should experience that more often in their lives.

- Karlo Henry

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I don't like to talk a lot of myself, but besides my Bio & Statement you could learn a few random things about me


- "El Henrucho" was my nickname growing up, most of my old friends and family still call me that.

I like calling myself "elhenrucho", reminds me of the young Karlo Henry.

- This is 5 yo. me, I used to love those awful shoes. 


- I don't like painting in front of people, I feel all those eyes on me can see every single mistake I make.

If you see me painting somewhere, I'm just doing little things here and there because I can't wait to get home and fix everything.

- Me at an art show, pretending I'm enjoying painting with an audience. 

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Not all of them, but these are some of my favorites right now

Saviour (1)
Figuring Juncture (1)
Casual Friday (1)
The Scouts (1)
Death (Blue) (1)
Frida & Gleek (1)

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Goodies and stuff

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