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The Art Hunger


The I.O.O.F Hall



The way The Art Hunger is able to create opportunities for artists is through collaboration with local organizations and businesses.

One of our most successful partnerships has been with Viva Downtown Redding, a Main Street America Organization dedicated to social, cultural & economic development in Downtown Redding. 

Our official partnership began in the summer of 2021. The Art Hunger Summer Gallery  was a 3-month residency at the historic I.O.O.F Hall, in Downtown Redding.

The success of The Art Hunger Summer Gallery was measured in the number of local artists we were able to showcase, the amount of artworks artists sold and the overwhelming support from the community. This strengthened the partnership and encouraged both organizations to continue working together towards artistic and cultural diversity in our area. This led to our second project together, The Art Hunger Winter Gallery & WorkshopDuring December of 2021, we returned to The I.O.O.F. Hall and shared some art and holiday cheer.

For 2022, Viva Downtown Redding once again welcomes us into the I.O.O.F Hall and incubates our project, helping The Art Hunger grow to keep nurturing the artist community in our area in a safe, all-inclusive space. 


The Art Hunger

Summer Gallery

2021 & 2022

The Art Hunger- Streetscape Banner.png


The Art Hunger took residency at the IOOF Hall in Downtown Redding during the summer of 2021. This project was made possible in collaboration with Viva Downtown and the support of The McConnell Foundation as part of the efforts to revitalize the newly renovated Downtown Redding.   

From June 18th to September 25th, 2021, we transformed one of the historic buildings in our city. The Art Hunger Summer Gallery consisted of three months of art exhibitions (rotating every month), one-day art-themed events, artist talks, workshops and Creative Hangouts.

During the run of The Summer Gallery, we had three exhibitions. Together, the "Grand Opening", "The Video Game Art Show" and "The '90s Art Party",  showcased over 1200 original artworks, from 132 artists all over Norther California, 325 pieces sold and a bigger number of merch including prints, stickers and small sculptures found a new home.

During 2022, our sophomore year we extended our residency and The I.O.O.F. Hall became our base of operations for 9 shows, "Art in the Park", in collaboration with Shasta County Arts Council, "Revenge of the Sixth" in collaboration with The Park, "Donuts & Brews", "The 80's Art Party", "Blockbusters: A Show Avout Movies" and "Viva El Pop!" as part of the Summer Gallery 2022 season including "The Pride Art Show" in collaboration with NorCal OUTreach Project. "The Halloween Block Party" and closing with another installment of "Winter Gallery".  During 2022 we were able to showcase 242 artists and sold 385 original works of art.

And we even were selected as Record Searchlight's Best In The North State in the category of best Art Gallery.


Project - Drawing 17020008953649153099.png

-Some of the happy members of the community taking some original artworks to their new home.

The Art Hunger

Winter Gallery

2021 & 2022

Winter Gallery Poster.png


For two years now The Art Hunger was back to the I.O.O.F. Hall in Downtown Redding during the month of December, we set up an art exhibition to celebrate the Holidays, and hosted Creative Workshops, seasonal activities and performances by local artists.

This time we transformed the I.O.O.F. Hall into a Winter Wonderland full with window display and light installation. 


-Holiday cheer

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