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At The I.O.O.F. Hall


   The way The Art Hunger is able to create opportunities for artists, is through collaboration with local organizations and businesses. And one of our most successful partnerships has been with Viva Downtown, a volunteer, non-profit group dedicated to enhance the cultural, social and economic development of Downtown Redding. 


   Our official partnership began in the summer of 2021. The Art Hunger Summer Gallery  was a 3-month residency at the historic I.O.O.F Hall, in Downtown Redding.

  The success of The Art Hunger Summer Gallery, was measured in the number of local artists we were able to showcase, the amount of artworks artists sold and the overwhelming support of the community.

This has only strengthen the partnership with Viva Downtown, to we keep working to nurture artistic and cultural inclusivity in our area. 

   Which led to our second project together, The Art Hunger Winter Gallery & Workshop.

During December of 2021, we're back at The I.O.O.F. Hall to share some art and holiday cheer.

   As always, The Art Hunger strives to showcase and nurture the art community and showcase the creative energy in our area in a safe, all-inclusive space. And we strive to make our events an experience the public will enjoy. 


Learn more of our time at The I.O.O.F. Hall

The Art Hunger Summer Gallery

The Art Hunger Winter Gallery & Workshop


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