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   THE ART HUNGER is a project born from the idea of creating community through ART.

By creating and nurturing a healthy creative community and seeking opportunities to showcase the artistic creativity within our society.   


   THE ART HUNGER supports artistic projects alongside other groups and organizations through collaboration or through consultation. 

These events will not only consist of pop-up art shows and gallery exhibitions, but we will look to be involved in local urban art projects, and everything in between to give the local artistic community the visibility it deserves.

   If you’re asking yourself if THE ART HUNGER is only for visual artists, the answer is no. We want to showcase all forms of artistic expression such as Music, Dance, Theater. et cetera. And we are always willing and looking to collaborate with as many creative individuals as possible.

   On our site, you will find articles highlighting events in the art community (local and global), short documentary-style featurettes, artists calls and news/updates on local art projects.

   THE ART HUNGER doesn’t exist to make a profit, but rather to strengthen the community by producing free or low-cost events for artists and the public. We also look for ways to keep producing these art events with the help of artists, art supporters and public or private organizations.

We donate our time and resources to give our local art community the place it deserves.

   If you want to join our efforts, do not hesitate to reach out. The more people wanting to do something creative, the better.

Either as an artist or an art supporter, we want to ask you:

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is a project by Karlo Henry

    "I see leading THE ART HUNGER as a huge responsibility. Not only I get to continue the legacy from Art-Hunger but I also get to share my experience, create opportunities and build a community along a new batch of artists."


More about Karlo Henry 

The History behind THE ART HUNGER

    THE ART HUNGER is a legacy project born from the Fort Worth, Texas based Art-Hunger.

   Art-Hunger is an art organization that was started in 2012 by Nick C. Kirk. It has brought together many talented artists from the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) area, both emerging and established, and it has hosted many art shows, fundraisers, gallery exhibitions both juried and invitational.

   After being part of Art-Hunger for several years, artist Karlo Henry moved to Northern California in 2016. Karlo Henry decided to go back to his roots and take what he learned from the group to expand the concept and bring THE ART HUNGER to an area that desperately needs creative support and outlets.


   Just like in Texas, THE ART HUNGER’s goal is to promote and showcase artistic creativity now in California. Based in Redding, we look to nurture our local artist community and look for a stronger connection with the people in our area. We will create opportunities for local artists to not only showcase, sell and share their work, but also give them a chance to socialize, network, gain exposure, learn new skills and/or sharpen existing skills.