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Elena Schabarum

There’s something almost magical about Elena’s illustrations, from mythical beings to sexually charged figures that evoke a sense of freedom; all of them share a lightness and ease by the way of color and aesthetic.

Elena has been creating and exploring since a young child, always involved in some kind of artistic expression. As they’ve grown up, their art has gone through many drastic changes. From sketching on printer paper, practicing with ink in moleskine notebooks, to now working digitally, Elena has developed a fondness for doing whatever the hell feels best.

Art has helped Elena understand their identity and process anxiety, producing a variety of subjects like goblins and cute caricatures. It is their hope that they can connect with others through art, or provide little moments of joy.

You can follow Elena on Instagram and make sure you support them whenever their works are on display around town.

Works by: Elena Schabarum, Instagram: @uhlehna_


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