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THE ART HUNGER - Summer Gallery

It is impossible for me to share this news without going back to what has let to this moment. Ever since I started my art career, the most enjoyable memories, besides creating something, have always been showcasing them and creating connections with other artists and art aficionados.

2018 was a turning point as an art administrator/curator for me. Without the safety of an artist community and in a new city, it was a goal to create opportunities and create new connections. From Art OUTside to The Plantastic! art show, each new art show and maker market in between has built up to this very moment. If you add to it the fact that for over a year everything has been on hold because of the pandemic, you can understand how much this project means to me and everyone involved in THE ART HUNGER.

One of the biggest challenges when putting together an art event has always been seeking support from other parties and finding a venue to host our shows. That is why when Viva Downtown offered this opportunity, we decided to go all in.

THE ART HUNGER Summer Gallery is a three-month residency at the IOOF Hall in Downtown Redding. From June 18 to September 25, we will be transforming one of Redding's most historic buildings into an art hub for everyone to enjoy.

It will consist of a permanent gallery show (rotating every month), one-day themed art events, artist talks, workshops and creative hangouts. We want to offer as many creative opportunities to local artists and the public alike.

Hopefully we will be able to achieve our goal by shedding light on the local artist community and having fun during our time there.

THE ART HUNGER is open to discussing creative ideas with anyone who has a willingness to work together for the betterment of our community.

Stay tuned for everything that is coming your way this summer...


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